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Reza Esfandiari


Heavenly massage therapies by Reza. Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences and the most potent handmade actives.

Massage Therapy in Hastings, East Sussex

Reza Esfandiari is a highly qualified massage therapist but also a great deal more than that. A skilled fitness instructor and personal trainer, twinned with his thorough knowledge of physiology and anatomy as well as sensitivity to patients conditions has proven a unique and invaluable combination.

Many patients suffering from long-term conditions who have been unable to find a solution or any sort of relief from traditional medicine, Physiotherapists or sometimes even post surgery, find that Reza's deep tissue fusion massages have been able to help!

Reza has had great success treating severe back pain, shoulder pain, hip and joint pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, frozen shoulder, Repetitive strain (RSI) and knees problems to name but a few.

"Everybody has said that my face colour has improved since the treatment and that I look much younger! Thanks Reza."

Sue Kelly

"Wow! I will be back for a series of treatments. I feel much less stiff and creaky, and my shoulders are no longer hunched and stressed."


"Reza has a unique technique for getting rid of all the knots that build up in my shoulders...My neck and back are feeling so much better. Thanks Reza."


Combines seven massages into a heavenly 2 hour experience

Great for back pain and general relaxation

Manipulates energy channels to clear a build-up of negative energy

A well known anti-ageing treatment that improves complexion

The standard for western massage using long flowing strokes

A natural healing art based around the reflexes

A massage with the heat of volcanic basalt stones

A massage using natural plant based essential oils