What Our Clients Have to Say

Emma Manering

5 Star Rating

Excellent massage with attention to back & neck. Brilliant progress was made in reducing knots and easing tension. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you Reza!


Matthew Hollamby

5 Star Rating

My pain level was very high 100%. After treatment my pain level was like 10%. So I can say Reza helped with my pain from bad backache.


Zoe Hammel

5 Star Rating

Feeling much better now - thanks to Reza - very thorough always, gets into the core of the problem. I am a regular client and will continue to be so. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much again Reza and see you soon.


Allan Francis

5 Star Rating

I'm feeling better after being very tense in my lower back, shoulder and bum. But I'm feeling better after a lovely massage. Will see Reza again very soon. Thanks



5 Star Rating

I feel more relaxed. My hip feels so much more free and no pain.


Alen Martin

5 Star Rating

It always amazes me how much better I feel after a session.


Jo Feeney

5 Star Rating

Reza it's like having a massage from a silver back gorilla - Fabulous! You have worked your magic again. My back and shoulder feels so much better.


Carl Essery

5 Star Rating

Feeling fantastic, excellent massage Reza thank you. Great job!


Simone/Canetts Clarke

5 Star Rating

Already feel looser and more relaxed. Excellent! Impressed with technique & knowledge.


George Aston

5 Star Rating

Looser and more confident not a serious problem. / Very good explaination about everything. Felt confident to trust Reza.


Cliff Dean

5 Star Rating

Excellent work, especially on my feet, ankles and lower legs. Very relaxed.


Kit Godfrey

5 Star Rating

Before coming today I was very tense & sore but my back is now so much looser. I feel like I can move freely again. Thanks!



5 Star Rating

Aaahhh - Oh my goodness!! My back/neck feels so much better. Thank you Reza.


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