Reza Esfandiari

Reza is extremely well qualified in his native Iran as well as the UK and has level 3 Diplomas in Sports Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Hot & Cold Stone Massage. He uses his wide knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with massage techniques and aromatherapy oils to successfully treat many different ailments, from sever back and shoulder pain to tennis elbow, sciatica, frozen shoulder and knee problems.

Reza makes all his own oils himself ensuring they are fresh and effective as well as pure and healthy. There are different oils available for differing massages and conditions. Reza will always avoid using certain oils if you are allergic to anything. Please discuss any special requirements before treatment commences.

Reza has effectively treated many patients with various long-term problems where conventional treatments have failed. His treatments also greatly benefit those looking for relaxation, release of tension and a general improvement in their well being. He is also a bodybuilder and a personal trainer.

Reza speaks Farsi (modern Persian) as well as English, Spanish and also Japanese, having lived in Japan for ten years.

Reza Esfandiari

"Reza has a unique technique for getting rid of all the knots that build up in my shoulders...My neck and back are feeling so much better. Thanks Reza."


"Wow! I will be back for a series of treatments. I feel much less stiff and creaky, and my shoulders are no longer hunched and stressed."


"Everybody has said that my face colour has improved since the treatment and that I look much younger! Thanks Reza."

Sue Kelly

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