Indian Head Massage in Hastings, East Sussex


The head, neck and face are massaged with the purpose of manipulating energy channels. The goal is to clear blocks in these energy channels that cause a build-up of negative energy that can cause a variety of ailments including stress and general aches and pains.

This form of massage has a holistic effect on the body as it stimulates circulation and improves the lymphatic systems


What are the benefits of Indian head massage?

Indian Head Massage is an ancient technique that can be
used to alleviate a multitude of conditions including: headaches and migraines, tiredness, stress, anxiety, insomnia, ear and eye problems.

Some other benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • relaxing tense muscles
  • aiding pain relief
  • alleviating depression
  • promoting sleep
  • improving circulation.
Indian Head Massage in Hastings, East Sussex


30 minute appointment£45
1 hour appointment£65